CHARMS products are made with the finest natural ingredients that follow to Syarak requirements and certified HALAL by a stringent independent body, JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA (JAKIM). A government institution that has a vision to assist in the creation of a progressive and morally upright ummah based on Islamic principles in line with the Malaysian vision through an efficient and effective Islamic Affairs Management organisation.

CHARMS products were tested by The Malaysia National Poison Centre (NPC), a consultation centre for drug and poison information and poisoning management based in Universiti Sains Malaysia. The result says no harmful chemical ingredients inside CHARMS products.

CHARMS Cream Powder Foundation were tested by the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), a corporate organisation for standards and quality, and as a promoter of technological excellence in the Malaysian industry. The result shows that CHARMS Cream Powder Foundation is non irritant to skin

CHARMS Treaplus was tested by Melaka Biotechnology Corporation, an experienced and reliable laboratory in Malaysia. The result found that there is no porcine DNA in TREAPLUS and also certified HALAL by Jakim